Intensive Training

When you join our team, you will receive intensive training. Your training will be focused on making you a life insurance expert. You will receive training that will help you pass the traditional life and variable life licensure examinations of the Insurance Commission. You will receive training on financial products and services, how you can share these products and services to your family, friends, and network, how to build your network through referrals, and much more. This intensive training has one goal in mind: to help you become a successful financial adviser.

Moreover, the training does not end when you become a success as a financial adviser. As you progress in your career, you will also receive training to prepare you to become a manager as soon as you become qualified. In this career, you will also get to attend various seminars dealing with financial planning, success programs, and much more.

If intensive training is something you want, contact us today and get started on your career!

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  1. Hi, i want to know when will be your next schedule for training? please do inform me regarding this matter. this is my email address, gretaprettyme***
    thank you and God bless.

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